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Christmas Gifts For Orphans

Christmas time is coming and with it comes that special time of the year when a lot of money is being spent on gifts for family members and friends. But when you are a child living in an orphanage, December is not always the time of joy and presents.  
This year we have focused on a local orphanage that offers shelter and meals to 20 children and teens aged between 7 and 20. These kids don’t have anybody caring and providing them the things they need. They don’t get to be hugged or loved, not even on Christmas. All they have asked for were basic things like toothpaste, shampoo and soap as well as sleepwear and some simple Christmas presents.
Guided by Mother's Theresa words Not all of us can do great things. But we can all do small things with great love we have volunteered to shop the list and hand delivered all the packages to the orphanage at the beginning of December. 
Next are some images from the scene.
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Hiking Trails for Weekend Warriors

Near our city there are many great trails. I never thought about how the hiking trails are created and maintained. This weekend is when I realized trails do not just pop up overnight.



Our company decided to support a mountain club and environmental NGO that is dedicated to building and maintaining tourism trails in exciting & diverse locations across the country. From now on we are provided with a lump number of weekends to spend outdoor by refacing an old mountain hiking path that we are proud that is wearing our company's name in frame of a volunteering program.


During this weekend we volunteered on a 5 km long trail in the mountains. Serious work with heavy duty tools but all-in-all building a trail is just as fun as hiking.


We have created something that now many people can enjoy + we can appreciate the work that goes in to building and maintaining a trail. If we'll ever see a team working when we are out hiking, we'll go thank them. :)


Click here to view some pictures.

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New Feature: Share Plans To Social Media

Re-designed from ground zero, the new Share Plans function features an intuitive interface that makes sharing floor designs via social media channels a breeze.   With the newly-added enhancements users can share both saved and unsaved floor designs over the social media. A plan no longer needs to be saved to be shared, thus making it really easy for users to share their designs via their social networks. Another major enhancement is the integration with multiple social channels. Users can post to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Digg, Tumblr, Reddit and/or StumbleUppon within the same share feature, eliminating the need to use multiple, separate tools to get the word out on social media. The existing integration with the (so far) nine social media channels can be managed on a per channel basis by each customer within its administration panel to planner. We keep our ears wide open to any suggestions, so please give us any feedback you might have. Your contribution is invaluable.   Have fun planning!
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Playing Santa for Underprivileged Children

For the second year in a row, with the wonderful support of the humanitarian organization World Vision, we have worked to give a happy holiday season to the needy children in a small and poor community about 50 km away from our location.


The 29 students in the village are between the ages of 3-11 and rarely have reasons to smile as each day is a new poverty battle. But this week there were many reasons to joy, as Christmas came a few weeks early.

The children were helped to write letters to Santa, than the letters were hijacked to us. We have carefully prepared all the details to make sure the kids will enjoy the action at its most.


The experience of fulfilling kids' Christmas wishes is truly a memory making our Christmas more significant. It means a lot to us to know the children have a bright Christmas this year thanks to our efforts. Their smiles and loving hugs were the greatest thanks for us.

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Trip to the Fun County

Every year our company organizes a summer camp, where the team travels to an idyllic destination, visit all there is to visit, play team-building games, and basically spend time together.   This year it was about 4 days of uninterrupted fun time, the best fun we've ever had together. So, if you'd care to see more of what happens behind the scene, just check the pictures on our FB page.
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Community Involvement: Books for Needy Rural...

Making good progress at school is key to finding a route out of poverty for many rural children. Still, being an ambitious learner is not the only thing required to ensure better chances for the future. The actual environment of rural schools sometimes makes it hard for students to succeed.   Students in rural areas lag behind in accessing information they need to attain their goals - the internet is not always available, and if it is, its relevance as an educational resource is below the one school libraries have to offer.   Rural libraries have declined over the past years, mostly because the volumes are overused and outdated. As a direct result, students' interest in using them is diminishing.   We always have an ear for social actions. As soon as we have heard about the national book donation program "A book can change a life", initiated by the Romanian wing of the international charity organization WorldVision, we knew that we can help.   The united teams from PlanningWiz & Arxia have collected between 1 March and 1 April many books, both new and used, covering following domains:   • Storybooks • Kids fiction & entertainment books • Activity books • Reference & educational books   We are happy to know that the books we have collected will bring a smile on many children's faces and offer them an opportunity to forget for a moment about real life challenges!
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Share your PlanningWiz room designs on...

  With this new update, room planner users can post a link to any plan they design with PlanningWiz room planner, to share it along with a comment on their wall with just a click.   The option to share a floor plan on Facebook is shown with the save plan feature. When a room planner user posts a PlanningWiz floor plan design on the Facebook wall, his/her entire social network will be notified on the news feed.   Friends or followers can then click on the link in Facebook to access the floor plan design and, upon registration, even copy and make changes on that design.   Happy & happy planning!                  
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A short guide to space planning

We've found a nice guide to the basic functions of the planner, great for newcomers. You can enjoy it in the WikiHow website: http://www.wikihow.com/Use-PlanYourRoom.Com. A big smile and thank you to the three users dedicating their time to creating it.
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Somebody's watching us :)

someone designed a friendly-looking ... badger?
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Santa's Helpers: Operation Share and Care

We believe in the importance of giving back to the community and creating positive changes by helping others. Mother Teresa said it best: “do small things with great love.” We consider ourselves to be proactive and believe that love makes life better. That being said, this year we have partnered up with World Vision and delivered Christmas joy to twenty four children in need.


Do you remember the feeling of excitement and surprise, waking up on Christmas as a kid to unwrap the super cool gifts? It was an amazing feeling wasn’t it? Unfortunately there are many underprivileged kids out there, who can only dream to experience this joy on Christmas day. This year we have changed that for all 24 children from the small and poor village Ticu-Colonie, about 50 km away from our location in Cluj-Napoca.


With the support of the great people from World Vision activating in the village, the children wrote colorful letters to Santa, containing their "wish-list" for Christmas (the little-ones were filmed – as they are too small to write), and Santa answered each letter in part, with the help of his little elves – us. Answering the letters was quite cool, but not by far as great as dressing up one of our colleagues as Santa and delivering the presents.


The surprise factor was the incredible show prepared by the children for our visit. It was over an hour of Christmas plays, carols, songs and poems. It was unbelievable how much work and effort the little children put into this, just like real artists.


We wish we could put into words the gratitude in their eyes when Santa offered each one of them the gift they dreamt of for Christmas; and oh, their smiling faces when they met Santa - priceless!

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New Feature: Embed Plans

One of the features requested by the community was an option to embed plans. We have recently made an update that enables this feature. In very few seconds you can now have a floor plan embedded in any website or web application.It only takes to copy-paste a small amount of HTML code. One can embed own plans but also any public plan within the "Inspiration" gallery.Below you can try a floor plan embedded with the new feature:       On left is a screenshot of a plan preview page to illustrate where to get the embed code.Simply click the “Embed” button from plan tools and select your size. Note there’s the ability to include plan's name and author, or not.We would love to see plans embedded by the use of this new feature. If you feel like showing off yours, feel free to make us aware.Enjoy!
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New feature: Design Your Own Furniture

So far there was no place for creativity concerning the furniture symbols - what you saw was what you get. This is no longer the case, as from now one one have the freedom to create your own products that one can then use for planning your spaces. Here how: add an existing product into the work area, click on the info button next to it, then on "Create new". Now just have fun with it!
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If anything just drop us a message at support@planningwiz.com.
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Anyone from Greece?

We have some news for the Greek users of PlanningWiz - and those who are able to read Greek, of course :). From now on, they can all enjoy PlanningWiz in Greek, as we have just finished adding the language translation
into Greek.
The preferred language for the planning sessions can be switched via the language selector - as in the image below.
Language count as of today: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Croatian, Korean, Russian, Romanian and Greek.
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How to switch to feet/inches instead of...

In case one need to display the dimensions in feet/inches one just have to make the change from the unit system selector in the lower right-hand corner.
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Welcome to Brazil!

We haven't actually moved to Brazil, we've just added the Portuguese language to the planner. Once entered the planner one can switch from English default into Portuguese from the language menu as in the image below. Happy planning!
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